2017 National Meeting Breakout Sessions

Multiplying Disciples, Leaders, & Churches
Sponsor: BMA Missions
Presenter: Larry Barker

What is the difference between adding and multiplying in the local church?  What does a multiplication culture look like?  How can we develop an effective spiritual growth system?  This breakout will begin by discussing effective habits of disciplemaking churches.  There will be a focus on how your micro/local strategy lays the foundation for your macro/global strategy.  A clear path for leadership development will be presented that helps to equip, empower, and release leaders at the micro and macro level.

Larry Barker has served as our BMA Director of Church Planting since 2007.  He oversees the assessment, training, coaching, and partnerships of our church planters.  His vision is to raise up a generation of multiplying church planters who will transform their communities with the Gospel.  He has been married to Shelby for 38 years and they have three children, 5 grandsons, and 1 granddaughter.


The Missions Budget in the Local Church
Sponsor: BMA Missions
Presenters: John David Smith, Charlie Costa

How much should our church be giving to missions? How long should we support a specific missionary? What are the goals for our church’s missions giving? This breakout will begin with a short discussion on the “Mission of God and Money”. It will also cover current missions giving patterns in local churches, offer practical advice on how to formulate a missions budget, and provide guidance in partnering with specific missions agencies and missionaries/church planters.

Dr. Smith will be joined in this session by missionary Charlie Costa. Bro. Costa is pastor of Ras Beirut Baptist Church in Beirut, Lebanon. He also acts as the supervising editor for Chuck Swindoll’s books translated into the Arabic language and serves as chief magistrate of the Family Court for the Evangelical Community in Lebanon.

Dr. John David Smith is the executive director for BMA Missions. He is also an assistant professor of missions at Central Baptist College in Conway, AR.  He and his family served as missionaries in the Cape Verde Islands from 1992-2004. He lives in Conway, AR with his wife, Kim, who teaches at Conway Christian School. They have two sons, Josiah (20) and Seth (18).


Activate Church Revitalization
Sponsor: DiscipleGuide
Presenter: Todd West

Learn about DiscipleGuide’s Activate Church Revitalization ministry. Join us in this session to discover better health; both as a pastor, and in the life of your church. Unpack systematic ways to bring about healthy change.

Bro. Todd West draws on over 25 years of ministry experience. Todd is the Director of Activate and Founding Pastor of Oasis Church in North Little Rock, AR. He and his wife Paige have been married for 25 years and are the proud parents to twin daughters, Addison and Riley.


Understanding the Times: I Chronicles 12:32
Sponsor: Lifeword
Presenter: Russell “Rusty” Penney

Imagine if we as parents and churches could give our children a tool that would help them to understand their culture and how to walk in truth no matter what was going on around them? Not only would it give us peace for the future, but it would equip them to pass this understanding on to their children as well.

This break-out session will not only help you to understand the gravity of this issue for our churches and families, but it will provide you with a basic understanding of a Christian worldview and suggest an array of resources to educate yourself and your congregation on this vital topic.

Rusty Penney  is presently Senior Pastor at Prairie Valley Baptist Church in Whitney, Texas a position he has held since 2011.  Previously, he has served as a missionary in both Bulgaria (Eastern Europe, 2½ years) and Bolivia (South America, 10½ years). In addition, Rusty is the author of Tyndale’s Equipping the Saints discipleship curriculum. He and his wife Joann (Squires) Penney have three children: Joseph (21), Hannah (19), and Micah (18).


So You Want to Go to School?
Sponsor: BMA Theological Seminary
Presenter: Mark Livingston


Defending the Faith with Ancient Documents
Sponsor: BMA Theological Seminary
Presenter: Brian Rickett


Honoring God with Our Finances During Life and Beyond 
Sponsor: BMA Foundation
Presenter: Frank Stepp

Attendees will be reminded about principles of managing finances in a God honoring manner. They will also learn more about the services provided by the BMA Foundation. Those services make it possible for one to literally honor God with their finances until the Lord returns.

Frank Stepp is Senior Vice President with Thompson & Associates and conducts numerous estate planning seminars each year for various churches and nonprofit organizations. With nine years of fulltime ministry experience, Frank offers financial expertise from a Christian worldview. Frank and his wife Nancy live in Flower Mound, Texas. They have two married children and five grandchildren.

After serving as a pastor and nearly twenty-eight years as a Christian higher education administrator, fourteen years as President of Central Baptist College, Charles now serves as Executive Director of the BMA Foundation. He and his wife Janice reside in Conway, Arkansas.


BMA Retirement at Ministers Resource Services
Sponsor: Ministers Resource Services
Presenter: Ron Chesser

It’s never too early or too late to prepare for retirement. This breakout session, sponsored by Ministers Resource Services, will provide a question and answer forum regarding the importance and benefits of planning for retirement.

Bro. Ron Chesser has pastored 7 churches over a span of 40 years. For the past 17 years, he has served as Executive Director of Ministers Resource Services, the BMAA’s retirement agency.  Ron has rejoiced to see the BMA Retirement portfolio grow from 3 million to over 16 million during his time in office. Bro. Chesser married Gloria Hudson in June, 1962.  They have two daughters, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.


How Individuals and Churches Can Influence Their Legislators
Sponsor: Moral Action Agency
Presenters: Randy Boyd & John Smith

This presentation will show BMA churches and individuals how to influence your local, state and national elected leaders via face to face, telephone, e-mail, texting, Twitter, etc.  In a Christian manner we can stand for a Godly government.

Randy Boyd is the Mississippi State Representative for District 19 in North Mississippi (Tupelo, Fulton, Mantachie area).  He serves as a Deacon and Sunday School teacher at First Baptist Church of Mantachie, Ms.  Randy is a dedicated Christian with conservative views.  He is married to Sherry and has two children and two grandchildren.

Rev. John Smith is the pastor of Majestic View Baptist Church of Kiowa, Colorado.  He is a dedicated and committed Christian leader.  His desires are for a strong Christian church to influence our American society.  Bro. John has a large heart for America.


The Future of Latin Ministry in the United States
Sponsor: Hispanic Ministries
Facilitator: Michael Hight

This session will feature a panel discussion of Spanish-speaking ministers discussing the future of Latin ministry in North America. Presenters will speak in Spanish.

Michael Hight serves as the BMA of Arkansas Hispanic Missions Coordinator and BMA North American Hispanic Missions Coordinator. He has served Hispanic missions in North America since 2006.