The churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of America embrace the call of God, by sharing resources and joining hearts, the churches of the BMA come together for this one purpose...



To help fulfill the Great Commission, the people of the BMA have created a family of ministries. Each has a unique directive, but all have the same Great Commission purpose.


BMA Missions seeks to facilitate churches in fulfilling the Great Commission. Through assessment, training, coaching, and missionary care, BMA Missions helps churches get missionaries to the field and sustain them in their ministries. Presently, BMA Missions assists more than 1,000 missionary families in nearly 85 countries through the world.


www.bmamissions.org  |  501.455.4977

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Lifeword Media Ministries partners with BMA Missions to take the Gospel throughout the world. Through radio, television, the internet, and mobile devices, Lifeword takes the message of Christ to places and people that may be inaccessible any other way. Presently broadcasting 48 unique programs in 35 different languages, Lifeword has a potential listening audience of tens of millions.


www.lifeword.org  |  501.329.6891

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DiscipleGuide Church Resources is partnering with BMA Churches to help you make disciples of all nations. Through its print and internet-based products, DiscipleGuide can be counted on for solid, Biblical discipleship materials that can be used in both Sunday School classrooms and small group settings. And, through world-class conferences, camps and workshops.


www.discipleguide.org  |  870.772.4550

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BMA Theological Seminary, in Jacksonville, Texas, equips students to become pastors, missionaries, staff members, and other church leaders. Since its inception in 1955, thousands of students have been trained and have served world-wide. Theologically conservative, educationally accredited and respected, BMA Seminary staffs a world-class faculty where scripture is regarded as infallible and inerrant.


www.bmats.edu  |  800.259.5673

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America is a country founded on the moral principles of God's Word. A rapidly changing culture presents a challenge to our nation to stay true to those principles. Moral Action makes sure that the views of BMA Baptist are heard in the halls of Washington D.C.

www.macbma.net  |  662.231.3863  |  fbcdjmaj@yahoo.com



Minister's Resource Services

As Pastors reach the age of retirement, it is important that they prepare for life beyond their ministry years. Minister's Resource Services does an excellent job in meeting the financial planning needs of BMA pastors and staffs.

870.774.2654  |  rchesser6365@aol.com